Tuesday, January 08, 2013


As much as routine can cause one to feel stuck in a rut, it amazes me how comforting it can be.  We have literally been out of our normal routine for almost a month.  Between the twins birthdays, celebrating Christmas with three different family parties, New Years, and school being out most of that time...we've been in a chaotic state of limbo.  Unsure exactly what to do with ourselves, justifying a bit of indulgent behavior (hey it's the holidays!), and searching with no reward for something, anything to watch on TV.

But we finally made it.  Today our school district welcomes our children back to school, there are no more excuses for chaotic randomness.  I had already returned to work but that was the final puzzle piece to complete the picture of "normal".  Yes, normal can be boring.  It can stifle and without a bit of occasional spontaneity, discontent can set in.  But from a guy that almost prides himself on being laid back and spontaneous, I can confidently declare that I was happy to resume our routine this morning.

It was a bit strange getting up extra early to take the kids to school.  I almost forgot to put their lunches in their backpacks.  And I almost drove off without handing them the aforementioned backpacks in the carpool lane.  So we are all a bit rusty as we return to what was once so familiar and second nature.  But I think we are all also comforted by it too.  I can't quite put my finger on why routine is so mysteriously connected to contentment and maybe its just our family.  But I suspect many of you can relate and I personally thank God for it!