Thursday, January 24, 2013

Band of Brothers

Ever watch that movie?  What about The Pacific?  Both movies cover WWII and follow small units of military personnel giving you a sense of what they went through.  How the relationships formed, how the loyalty developed, and how men could be both tough as nails but also emotionally charged in various circumstances.  Movies like that hit me somewhere deep.  It exemplifies this unwritten man-code that we all inherently have.  Not unlike David and Jonathan in the Bible, it's men being sweaty warriors but with a deep friendship that allows for moments of vulnerability, trust, and encouragement of one another.

Years ago, I scoffed at the idea of a men's accountability group.  I thought of them as prying into personal lives, seeking out your flaws, with the intention of fixing you.  I thought of them as a place where men got too sappy and all asked each other how their struggles with sin were going but no one ever really moved forward.  Being such a positive person, I am not sure where or how I let such skepticism come in.  Suffice it to say, I finally became part of such a group and it was great.  It fed a need in me that I didn't realize I had.  The Bible describes this process as iron sharpening iron and I think that is an awesome description.

Iron because men are tough, not easily molded.  Sharpening iron because it takes a tough, rigid material to mold a tough rigid material.  But molding does take place which means we do break down those protective walls and allow for growth.  That first group dissolved two years ago and I didn't realize what a gaping hole it would leave in my life until it disbanded.  Other commitments at church and helping my wife with the twins and a newborn consumed my time such that a new group just wasn't advisable.  That is until today.  With Joshua turning two in March, his newborn status is turning into that of toddler making his needs not quite so elevated.  And my awesome wife agreed to take on my responsibility of taking the twins to school every Thursday morning so I could take part.

I just met these guys and will let God lead.  But I can certainly see the potential for another Band of Brothers.