Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance

I grew up with one brother and no sisters.  As such, girls were always a bit mysterious for me.  When I started dating, I had this respect for my date that was fed from that sense of mystery along with the chivalrous lessons of my dad. He made sure I knew to open doors, pay for dinner and movie tickets, and just treat girls like royalty.  A third motivator as I got older started to sink in.  This is someone's daughter.  And I knew that if I were a dad of a girl, I would only want the best for them.

The healthy respect that developed from all of those factors almost made me too shy around girls but I'd rather that be the end result than some of the alternatives.  I knew even back then, that one day I wanted to be a dad of both sons and daughters   And God took care of that on our first pregnancy with twins of each gender.  They just turned seven in December but it still seems like yesterday I was swaddling them like burritos in their newborn receiving blankets.

A blink of an eye later and my first grade daughter brings home a flyer for this years Daddy Daughter Dance being hosted by our small town, north of Dallas.  She is so excited about dressing up and having a special night and I can't wait to give it to her.  I want to start early and show her how we boys are supposed to treat our ladies.  I want her to have a standard by which to measure boys so that when she's old enough for a date, she has an idea of what to look for.  I want her to remember she's not only my daughter but a child of God which really does make her...

...a Princess.