Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Doubting My Faith

Relax. Some of you rushed here to see if I have given up on my Christian faith. I haven't. Not sure how many of your are relieved and how many are disappointed but the title, while not describing my current condition, is still an accurate one for this post.  The Youtube show ThreeOneThree that I am producing just released a video covering this very topic and I thought it pertinent to share a little bit of what I've been through and what I've concluded on the topic.

Since coming to Christ, I cannot truly say that I've ever doubted the existence of God.  To me that is the most abundantly clear and obvious observation one can make about life.  One need not be a scholar to look around and see creation and its very ordered design elements to conclude that an intelligence must be behind it all.  But I have had some struggles with doubt with the specifics of Christianity and most especially Old Testament narratives.  I've also questioned whether God is the Christian version or perhaps an altogether different character.  I've questioned the trinity and how Jesus exactly fits into the Godhead.  In those times of temporary crisis, God didn't always come to my immediate aid...though I'd call out to Him with just such an expectation.

But answers did come and my patience and faith was rewarded. I've learned that doubts can be a form of testing and strengthening of your walk.  That if you entertain doubt but hold onto the faith and the promises you know to be true, the areas or subject matter that has you tripped up will be resolved.  I've also learned that doubts many times have more to do with my state of mind and emotional response to challenges than it does the notion that Christianity is a flimsy world view.  We have an abundance of good reasons to contend for the faith and to stand firm in Christ.  Doubt says more about our finite ability to grasp the infinite grandeur of God and what He's done for us than it does God's existence or plan.  It is not He who is found to be lacking during these episodes, it is us.

But doubt is healthy too.  If you cannot emerge through the other side having investigating the areas of weakness that instigated these feelings with confident resolve...(1) you either haven't thought through your belief system very well and need to seek further assistance or (2) you quite possibly have an erroneous world view.  Sadly many just entertain doubt, fail to investigate further, and let their faith die on the vine.

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