Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fake Coffee Drinking

This is my second year to drive the kids to school in the mornings.  It's a short drive but often packed with fun.  We play games, we sing, we imagine, and we chat.  I am not sure when I started pouring them fake coffee but somewhere along the line it happened.  I always have a real cup of Joe in my possession.  So one day I asked the twins if they wanted a cup?  I pretended to pour some into a invisible mug and proceeded to hand it to each of them.

My daughter always takes a cup and loves the idea of sipping a pretend warm beverage along with Dad each morning.  Michael is a different story.  Last year, he always refused his fake coffee...politely saying, "No thank you".  This year he has decided to take a cup but only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  So each morning when I offer them their treat, he initially pauses to recall what day it is, and then give me his answer according to his new methodology.

That is what I love about children and especially MY children.  Their imaginary worlds are so important and vital to who they are...that they literally must think through the idea of drinking fake coffee.  And though Mackenzie makes no such rules or limitations on her pretend consumption, she takes the process just as seriously.  More than any other image in my mind as I reflected on the events of Sandy Hook...on that day and ever how many of those beautiful, amazing children had fake coffee that morning with their parents?  Perhaps some took decaf while others immersed themselves in a different kind of role play.

But that is the kind of innocence that was taken from us!  Raising a mug, real or imaginary, in honor of those lost seems appropriate.