Thursday, January 03, 2013

Love to the Max

On the heels of a national tragedy where we grieve the loss of 20 elementary age children, we in the North Dallas area just lost a local boy.  Max Schwolert, a seventeen year old senior at my former Alma Mater and active youth in his church, died while on Christmas vacation.  Though the circumstances of his death are nothing like the Connecticut shootings, his passing is no less tragic and no less an impacting reminder of the fallen world we live in.

Details are slowly coming out but essentially Max was feeling ill during the trip and got bad enough on the drive back that his parents pulled over to have him checked out in a medical clinic.  They determined his kidneys were failing and advised he be transported to the hospital.  It turns out he had the Flu combined with Pneumonia and later developed a Staff Infection.  The combination of all three were too much for his body to handle even with the aid of a ventilator and dialysis.

This news has hit me and my wife like a ton of bricks.  Max first came to my attention when a fellow deacon of my church emailed and asked that we be in prayer for him.  I really thought a healthy high school teen with the flu and pneumonia would have no significant problems recovering so long as he was receiving proper medical care.  But I prayed for him as though he were my own son, which is how I would hope others might pray for me and mine if the situation was ever similar.  So I am not sure if its due to having prayed for several days for him and his family or if its because this story is every parents worst nightmare.  But this loss is hauntingly devastating   And to quote a friend of his that was interviewed on the news the other night, "If we are feeling like this, imagine what his family must be feeling!"

"Love to the Max" is the legacy and phrase his family and friends are using to remind our community of him.  Prayerfully consider visiting this site and making a donation to this family as they deal with this loss.  Taking care of expenses doesn't even come close to healing this wound.  But its one less thing for them to worry about.