Monday, January 14, 2013

No Thanks

Admittedly I am not a big fan of the horror genre at all when it comes to movies.  I've been like that for as long as memory will trace back.  But in my teens and twenties I did at least tolerate them and go with friends when begged.  And I tend to classify within this genre levels of depravity. But in all cases depravity of some kind is confronted and put up with as the viewer digests the plot unfolding before them.  The cornier the special effects and the less demonic the narrative, the more I can pallet and almost laugh at the scary adventure.

But lately via internet ad spamming on almost every major website and on several television channels are previews to a movie called "Mama".  I can flatly state that I will never watch this movie.  There is NO redeeming value in it what-so-ever.  Keep in mind that Scripture tells us that our enemy is here to STEAL, KILL, AND DESTROY as I post several quotes from a review done by Josie Campbell on Spinoff Online:
  • After a businessman snaps, kidnaps his two young daughters Victoria and Lily and disappears into thin air, his brother Lucas sinks all of his money and time into trying to locate the missing family.
  • Five years later, his obsession has payoffs as his nieces are discovered living feral in the woods, with no trace of their father.
  • Lily's version of "playing" involves screaming and clawing at people, and both claim an invisible entity named "Mama" took care of them in the forest.
  • She's (Mama) initially glimpsed out of the corner of the eye or hovering just out of focus, but when we finally do get the unencumbered view of the monster she's exactly as terrifying as those flashes suggest.
  • Mama is both the raw, furious power of motherhood and what a person turns into when humanity is swept away and only instinct is left.
  • Although she's as protective of the girls as a mother bear, Mama is also as brutally amoral as an animal, as ready to punish her "offspring" as she is to shield them.
  • Equally fun is how the film plays with the idea of the monster in the closet, as Mama slithers under beds and behind open doors.
  • When a child's declaration of "I love you" raises a gasp of horror from the audience, your main character and your monster are doing something right.
  • Mama is a charming and delightfully creepy examination of womanhood and what it means to love.
There is so much wrong with the quote mining above, its hard to know where to start.  You can certainly see where steal, kill, and destroy are at play between the first act of kidnapping (stealing) the children by their soon to be dead dad (kill), then raised like feral animals by and equally feral "Mama" demon (destroying proper role of a mother).  And that of all things is what bothers me the most about this film and its title.  There is nothing delightful about its interpretation of womanhood or what it means to love, despite the last quote by Josie Campbell above.  The family unit always seems to be a favorite target for the enemy to destroy.  For me personally...its sickening!