Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pistachio Perrils

Parents have very trained ears.  We also have some type of God-given intuition about our children.  It's how we know whether or not a cry is indicative of emergency level ten or something that can wait for the next commercial.  We have this same ability with our spouses as well.  I know the difference between a phone call from her with a generic gripe about the kids and a race-home-right-now type call.  So before my wife could say that full sentence to me yesterday I had hung up the phone, fully charged with adrenaline, and accelerated down the highway at 80MPH having had just enough logical thought in my panicked brain to lock up my office before hitting the pavement.

Michael, my eldest son, tried a pistachio nut for the first time and went into immediate anaphylactic shock.  My wife didn't realize this at first because he often over-exaggerates his reactions to new foods being a very picky eater.  So the initial gagging and complaining that he thought it was caught in his throat was met with eye rolling and encouragement to stop being so dramatic and drink some water.  By the time I got the phone call, she was on high alert and I heard it in her voice immediately. A groan in the background from my son that wasn't of the playing possum variety were all the triggers I needed to release the adrenaline hounds and bolt out of here.

I was on the phone with Rachael and my son or temporarily with the doctors office asking for direction the whole way home.  Thankfully our pediatrician is equipped to handle this kind of emergency and we avoided a five hour ER wait and what probably would have been a night of observation in the hospital.  But we have now officially diagnosed a Pistachio allergy with high probability that he is allergic to all tree nuts.  Thank God in heaven that peanuts are legumes or the poor boy would have nothing to eat since that is a staple in his current and very picky diet.  He was also instructed not to try ANY new foods until mom and dad could get him tested for other possible allergies.  He's never been so happy!  Doctors orders to be able to tell  mom and dad, NOPE...not going to eat that.

The only reason Michael was not hospitalized was due to the small amount of the nut he actually consumed and the fact that his body forced him to expel the contents of his stomach (I just realized there is no delicate way to say or describe vomit).  Had the nut not been expelled or had he consumed several nuts instead of one tiny piece, yesterdays emergency could have been quite a bit more severe.  Thanks be to God for His provision and helping us to avert such a tragedy!