Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Post Holiday Meh

It's the New Year and this is the part where I, the blog author, encourage you to set and meet goals.  To have a new start and to take advantage of 2012 being behind you.  Meh!  Every day is a chance for you to do all of that. Let's face it, every single minute of your life comes to an end and you have an opportunity at any point to make changes.  I've never really gotten behind the idea that a new year should be any more motivating of a concept than any other.

I am also not focused or driven right now to be motivating and encouraging.  I am, despite my desire to buck the new year mentality, at least taking this transition time to reflect on the events of these past few weeks.

Things like:

  • The Mayans were wrong (big surprise) or at least those interpreting the Mayans were wrong.
  • Fiscal Cliff political wrangling and what effect it will actually have on my family.
  • The unexpected and tragic death of a 17 year old boy from Flower Mound.
  • The unexpected and tragic death of school children and adults in Connecticut.
  • Tony Romo's three interceptions and the Cowboys continued failures.
  • How slow business has been but how quickly it should pick up now that people are back at work and have new year mentality.
  • How my kids just went through three weeks of opening presents (between birthday parties and several family Christmas parties).  With all of that coming to an end and them being out of the routine of school will probably cause a shock to their system on Monday when all is back to normal.
  • How I gained weight back after working so hard for over 15 weeks to lose it.  However, I haven't gained it all back.
  • This year is my 20th High School reunion and therefor I am old!
  • But mostly I am just in a post holiday fog.  Not sure where to focus my attention or what to get excited about.
I am not depressed or hopeless, so don't worry. Just reflective and a little skeptical about where we are in life as a nation and even a global society.  My hope remains in Christ and therefor I can be joyful even in uncertainty.  I just hope my bullet-point-list has a bit more happy and fun items on it...and soon.