Monday, January 21, 2013


It's been a little more than two years since my wife and I were part of a Home Group at church.  Various good reasons led to the disbanding of our former group including some added responsibilities I've taken on at the church.  We do our best to be involved but keep our priorities straight.  Too little involvement and you are not being a good steward of the Spiritual Gifts God has blessed you with.  Too much involvement and you get burnt out and cannot function well for those you mean to benefit.

But we felt it was time to try another group and this one solves many of the logistical issues from times past.  They meet every other Sunday at church rather that in homes and childcare is obviously available during those hours.  Yesterday was our second class and we are participating in a Marriage Study.  The group is super welcoming and comfortable even though we have yet to really get to know anyone on a deep level.  I had forgotten how good it feels to do life in a small community of fellow believers.

More than that though was listening to these other married couples share struggles and victories that are so similar to our story.  There were times I wanted to laugh aloud.  There were times I bit my lip.  But both were direct reactions to hearing MY story be told by other couples.  Ultimately Christ is what unites these folks with us and makes them fellow brothers and sisters.  The added blessing that I rediscovered yesterday is knowing that marriage and parenthood is a pretty universal experience.  You are not alone in the pure joys it can bring nor are you alone in the strife.

Can't wait for next week!


Mike Messerli said...

that is awesome! I'm so glad you are enjoying the group. What an answer to prayer these groups are to me. Thank you for being available and serving God in this community. Love you, brother!