Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Power of the Notification

If you are anything like me, the image to the left causes an interesting reaction of excitement.  I first became hooked on this kind of notifier back when AOL chat was a thing.  There was nothing quite like logging in and having someone initiate a conversation.  We have other similar stimuli from emails, text messages, and voice-mails 

Yet I wonder why we get so excited, possibly even more-so than we might if any of these people bumped into us in person.  Why do we like a voice-mail instead of a phone conversation?  Perhaps its a control thing.  We want to know what the person has in mind to discuss on our own schedule before committing our valuable resources of attention span to them?  We love the attention.  But we want to take it in the doses of our own choice perhaps.  Then again, we live busy lives.  Voice-mail and email exists as a means of communication where we are not interrupted and can access the message when time allows.

But why does the "notification" have the power to excite us at all?  I've considered everything from the most pure of our innate desire to connect with the most selfish and self absorbed of pride and ego boost.  I'm certain that for each person, the scale may slide one direction or the other and that there is no catchall answer.  So for me personally, I want to bring this under a faithful lens of Christlike emulation and continue to hold myself accountable.  And if the self analysis finds me guilty of lesser than godly motives to connect with friends and share life...perhaps a step back is warranted.

How about you?  Is there an unhealthy obsession over the notification?