Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Three One Three Project

I have been making Youtube videos since July of 2007.  In that time I have always desired to do more collaborative work with other Christians on that site but nevered seemed to have good ideas on how to make that work.  Well, that changed about a week ago as the format idea for this show came to mind.  The concept is simple and ties in with the title, "Three One Three."  You take three Christian Youtubers, give them one topic to discuss, and three collective minutes to do it in.

Right now I have enough panelists that want to be part of this show that we can easily film five episodes before any one personality shows up again on the screen.  And for once, though I will be a panelist in a future episode, I don't have to stare at my homely mug the whole time.  Futhermore this opportunity allows Christians to speak with one voice on topics.  Yes, there are (as Paul describes) disputable matters and we won't always have identical perspectives.  But the important issues will show unity.

So I hope you will join this effort by supporting it with your viewership and help with distribution across your social networks.  LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to the Youtube Channel and be sure to post comments below each video as a way of participating in the conversation.  Episode one just posted and a new episode will air every Wednesday.  Enjoy!