Monday, February 11, 2013

Date With A Princess

Last Friday I took my beautiful daughter to her first dance.  Thankfully God gave me at least one other member of this family that enjoys cutting a rug.  She and I are the types that cannot hear a song without bobbing our heads to the beat or just belting out the words at the top of our lungs.  But for me this Daddy/Daughter event was an opportunity for more than just grooving to the beat.  It was my first of many opportunities (I hope) to show her what we boys should be doing for the ladies in our lives.

Opening doors, driving them to the event, offering our jacket or helping them with the sweater when its cold, giving them our arm or hand and we walk into the dance hall, again opening doors, fetching the punch and cookies, and of course making them feel special the entire time.  Mackenzie had a blast and I certainly got a workout.  She didn't quite understand the concept of taking a break from the dance floor.  Like a younger version of me, when there is a beat in the air and other people still on the dance floor, that is where she must be.  So my tired bones gladly sacrificed as energy levels were put to the test by continually dancing for most of the hour and a half long event.

Slow dances were my only real break.  We took turns between letting her stand on my feet and just holding her and letting her head rest on my shoulder.  The latter method is how we ended the evening to the song Butterfly Kisses. It was all I could do to keep tears from streaming down my cheeks, holding her and knowing these days will be short.  Tomorrow she will be sixteen and the day after that she will be married with kids all her own.  Boys that aren't her daddy will take her to dances and movies.  And there will come a day where her head rests on my shoulder without having to hold her up.  So in addition to hopefully setting the bar for any future suitors  I took in the moment and mentally froze time.  I let the seven year old version of Mackenzie in my arms really soak in and etch an eternal memory.

A memory I won't soon forget!