Monday, February 25, 2013

Immediate Consequences

My son Michael enters the house crying.  It was the kind of cry that informed us he was hurt but not seriously.  Upon asking what happened, he anxiously tattled on his sister, hoping to get her in trouble.

"Mackenzie threw a ball at me and hit me in the head!"

They had been playing basketball in the driveway so our first assumption was, it was an accident and we offered this explanation to Michael.

"No, she did it on purpose."  When asked how he knew that he said, "because I told her she couldn't get me, so she threw the ball at me to prove she could."

I was already fighting a huge grin, thinking "That-a-girl." but I contained myself and asked him how wise he thought it was to taunt someone, now that it got him hurt?  He continued to plead a case intent on his sister being punished and claiming hitting him in the head was not a fair response to his taunts, so we finally asked for her side of the story.  Turns out his taunting was a bit more specific.  He actually said, "Bet you can't hit me in the head with that ball!"

Again, doing my best to not bust out laughing, I turned to Michael and sent him to his room for lying.  Several minutes later I sat in his room explaining the reason for his punishment and why we don't lie.  He is often harder on himself than we are, and this was no exception.  He insisted that he stay in his room until dinner time.  So we talked about forgiveness of others and of ourselves before I left the room encouraging him to not stay in there for much longer.

I know I shouldn't be amused at these kinds of events but I was.  I couldn't help re-imagining the scene as he taunted his sister to try and hit him in the head, only for her to bean him something good.  He learned three very tough but immediate lessons.

1. Don't ask for it unless you want it.
2. Lying will not be tolerated.
3. His sister has deadly aim...better not mess with her!