Thursday, February 07, 2013

Razor Blade Madness

Men still pay around $15 for a haircut and that is only up a few dollars from my childhood.  I speculate that inflation alone accounts for the few extra bucks in 2013.  The reason?  We won't pay more than that.  If you even try to charge us more (YES, I'm looking at you SportsClips) we move on.  I have almost zero loyalty to who shaves my head with a number two guard and trims a little off the top.  I must be in relative good company or else our prices would be closer to what the ladies pay.

So with such facts in mind, I must ask companies like Gillette and Shick what in the WORLD they are thinking with their replacement blade prices?  I get it.  Get them hooked with our triple razor comfort shave.  Give them a free razor when they turn 18 and hope they're customers for life.  And it might have worked if not for the severe increases in the last decade to the lowly four pack.  I used to think $5.99 was about as high as I felt comfortable with but now you're lucky to find them on sale for $11.95.

But I was stuck. Unlike the hair salon market where there is competition on every corner helping me shove it to the man, keeping prices low...the razor market has very poor alternatives.  Gillette, Shick, Braun, Norelco...they all have similar prices.  So unless you want to tear up your face with disposable razors, you pay the piper.  That was until recently when the Dollar Shave Club came to my rescue.  And though I cannot give the Youtube ad rave reviews due to the use of an explicative, the ad was funny and made a good point. Why pay for razors with three blades and vibration tech when all you need is a simple, no fuss, cost effective tool to get the job done?

I now pay $1 per month for FIVE blades to be sent directly to my house.  Well $3.00 with shipping included.  Darn you FedEx!  But still an annual budget of $36.00 for monthly delivery of 5 blades is a wonderful, wonderful new reality.  If these were Gillette blades the same service WITHOUT delivery charges would be $178.80 since their 5 blade pack costs around $14.90.  Factor in taxes plus shipping and you'd easily pay over $200.  I hope Dollar Shave Club becomes the Netflix thorn in the proverbial "Block Buster-Gillette-Goliath's" side.  They will either be forced to compete or go out swinging.

Click HERE if you want to join in the rebellion!


archangel said...

Awwwwesommmmme!! (in a singing voice) Great Find.

archangel said...

Was that your special link? I hope I got you a free month for the referral...

Jim said...

Nope just a link straight to them. Not sure about the special link but that's cool. I can handle the $36 annual fee.