Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Set Apart: Lust & Pornography

Driving home a few days ago I meditated on the idea of being "set apart" in the way Scripture describes it.  Two distinct thought streams hit me as this process took place.  (1) I questioned just how different I am from the unbelieving average Joe's of this world.  Am I set apart or am I fading into a background of worldliness making it impossible for others to know the difference?  (2) In Jeff Foxworthy fashion, I began thinking about all the ways "You Might Be a Worldly Person if" and came up with several issues that face us as Christians.

I concluded that I am still a work in progress although I do have several issues God has brought me through. I became encouraged as I reflected on old patterns and habits put aside and reinvigorated about the current issues He's bringing me through now.  Scripture makes us a promise.  That God will finish the good work He began in us.  So while we still have to practice dying to self daily and though we still have certain sin struggles that we've yet to conquer...we can take this promise to heart with the confidence that these difficulties are temporary.

Today I created an uploaded part one in what will probably be a series of Set Apart videos on Youtube.  And why not start with a big splash and go straight for a rather taboo and hot button issue like Lust and Pornography?  This issue is rampant in our culture and even in our churches.  And though men and women experience sexual sin often in different ways, both sexes have struggles in this area.  God calls us to stop conforming to the pattern of this world.  Ready for that challenge?