Monday, February 18, 2013

So Connected We're Disconnected

My wife and I talked about what we might want to give up for Lent.  Several ideas came to mind and I even had the audacity to suggest television.  But we landed on compromise with a decision that was almost as crazy...our phones.  To be more specific we decided that from the time we get home (her from picking up the twins from school and me from work) our iPhones are off limits.  If someone calls, we can answer but that is all.  No checking email, no getting on Facebook, no glimpses at tomorrows weather report.

If your family is anything like mine you immediately understand the reasoning behind this.  We tend to go overboard with how connected we are that we end up ignoring one another and even fail to be engaged with the kids at times.  Thankfully we're not so bad that we text each other during a dinner date but that seems the most logical next step.  In a great twist of irony, this technology which is meant to keep us connected with others, can actually cause a disconnect with those you are closest too.  It's amazing to think about what we did during commercials before smart phones existed!

It's also amazing how second nature it becomes to just grab the phone and start opening applications.  A few times now both of us have had to remind the other of our goal.  My hope is by the end of this experiment we will have created a new habit such that when the deadline allows for a return to normal...we won't fully return to that particular normal.  Like many things, this technology can be used in good ways as its a blessing from God to be able to be such big parts of so many peoples lives.  But as usual, good can be perverted and  a foothold leads to extremes and failure to properly categorize priorities.

Can you relate?  Is this a problem in your home?  Leave some comments with your personal experiences on this topic!