Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weird About Waste

The recent cruise ship catastrophe has taught me at least two things.  (1) Carnival Cruise Lines is officially never going to get one dollar of my travelling budget as this most recent catastrophe is just ONE of their many incidents throughout the years.  (2) People are very strange about their poop.  The most horrifying fact that came out of this vacation-gone-bad besides being trapped on a floating, non-functional city in the middle of the ocean is that people were pooping in plastic bags and storing it on the boat.

I understand that the plumbing wasn't working.  I also understand that the cruise line probably told people to take care of business in this way.  But may I remind everyone, loyalty to Carnival ended when the plumbing broke down AND your in the middle of THE OCEAN!!  If our saline seas can handle whale excrement,  I do believe a stranded boat and its passengers can safely make a few deposits until better options present themselves.  What is so toxic about human waste compared to the millions of marine animals currently underwater making the ocean their toilet?

And this phenomenon isn't relegated to just our aquatic adventures.  Apparently we now have a culture of campers and hikers that keep their deposits in plastic bags to take out with them.  "Pack out what you pack in" is no longer just a mantra reminding you not to leave trash behind.  The aforementioned reminders about all other creatures big and small still applies here but may I also point out that we are talking about a biodegradable substance that is quite commonly used to fertilize the ground?  Suddenly human waste is somehow toxic but the cow manure we spread to help produce a bumper crop is good for the environment.

We are a crazy bunch, aren't we?