Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Breaking Bad & Other TV Garbage

I posted a blog a while back called GIGO where I use the computer idea of garbage in, garbage out to postulate whether or not that is how Christians should choose their media.  If garbage in does cause us to be affected, it seems logical not to let it in.  But the consensus of my commenting contributors at that time reminded me that we are in the world (and therefore must experience its fallen-ness) but not of it (and therefore discern right from wrong).  Sheltering our kids or ourselves can make us ill prepared for real life and what better time than while watching a fictional show to teach and learn discernment?

Then again, I am not so sure.  That sounds good but how do we properly put that in focus and what line, if any, do we draw when taking in media options?  A friend of mine asked me to watch Breaking Bad now that I have Netflix   After just one episode I was ready to bow out but he promised that was the hardest one to watch and things would get better (at least from a violence and gore standpoint).  So I've watched several episodes since then and I have to say I still want to bow out.  The only redeemable quality this program has is its constant reminder to me of how depraved we are and how desperately we need Jesus in our lives.

So where do we draw the line?  I am sincerely at a point with television where I want to put the set by the curb.  Breaking Bad is extreme and easy to point my finger at.  But I can hardly stand most children's cartoons with the blatant pagan themes and emphasis on witchcraft and the occult.  Then there are shows that my wife enjoys, like The Bachelor.  Besides not being appealing to men in general, I cannot stand the soap opera depravity that this program breeds.  Reality shows in general seem to have a recipe they follow where they intentionally choose personalities that are on the edge and then create situations to push them over.  Plus the constant flow of alcohol normally helps those that might be more cautious in normal situations.  Even my favorite shows like Grimm and The Mentalist have occult themes and murderous narratives that are probably not good for the soul.

Suffice it to say, there is very little programming on that I find spiritually nourishing. I suppose I am entertained on some brain numbing level.  It helps pass the time and we get a chance to relax at the end of the day.  Otherwise...I am struggling to identify the value that I have received in continuing this practice.  Consider commenting with your answers to the following questions:

1. Do you think GIGO is applicable to people as well as computers?
2. Where do you draw the line with media personally and with your kids?
3. What redeeming value does TV have in your life?


archangel said...

Good points, I would tend to go further in my thinking about media but all points would be hypocritical since I have yet to cut the umbilical cord myself. I grew up in a TV home where barely any expression of love was given except during TV / pizza nights. Saying good bye would be like losing a family member. But I do agree that it probably should be done. With Kesha doing a satanic number on the today show (morning tv) was the final clue that it is only going to get worse from here on in. Even the children's channel is filled with wizardry, witchcraft and ADHD mindless inducing flashes and half second scene jumps. Let's not talk about the flicker rate, the lust, the subliminals, and now the tracking, face recognition, etc. Every commercial, every episode, every show is trying to entice or show that the only way to live is anti-God. Christianity is crazy, virgins should be shamed, nice finishes last, love gets betrayed, evil wins, and cannot be defeated unless using a spell from a shaman. ha ha