Monday, March 04, 2013

God's Answers

As my son Michael got in the car this morning he noticed my Bible Study binder and the word Disciple written on it.  He asked what that word meant and I talked about the original twelve apostles but expanded the meaning to be something like a student and that we were modern day Disciples of Jesus.  "I wish Jesus was still here so we could talk to Him," he says.

My reply was that we do talk to Him in our prayers.  "I know but I want Him to talk back to me."  I explained that we do get answers from God quite often but aren't always quick to give him the credit.  Sometimes the answers come from Bible reading or from the people God has in our lives but He also answers us in our thoughts.  I challenged him to ask God if He loves him and then quiet himself and listen to the thoughts that come to mind.  So Michael said, "God do you love me?"  Seconds later a smile came across his face and I asked him about the reply.

He said, "Yes, Michael, I do."  Not satisfied with just one exchange Michael asked what God's favorite color was.  A bit worried that my explanation of how to communicate and get answers from God was being taken too far, I almost began to discourage the question.  But sure enough Michael got another smile on his face and said,  "Wow, that's a color I've never heard of before. He said AquaMaGreen!"

Maturity and discernment will come.  In the meantime, faith like a child is certainly at play and I have to say...its refreshing and inspiring!