Thursday, March 07, 2013


Ever annoy yourself or find yourself annoyed with others just like you?  I guess its just me then.  In any case, I pulled one of those moves this morning and upon reflection am a bit bugged and embarrassed of myself.  The point of contention is with my ability or rather inability to really listen to others whilst simultaneously dominating conversation. So it equates to a Mr. Know-It-All kind of guy doing all the talking.  And if you happen to get a word in edge-wise I might be staring at you with a nod as though listening intently but my mind is already formulating my next diatribe and waiting for you to barely gasp for air so I can chime in.

I used to not even notice these habits.  But two distinct things changed that.  One was marrying my introverted wife.  You HAVE to defer the floor at some point for an introvert to have any say.  And so long as I want to converse with my wife, this deferring process has to take place.  She has also helped me to see the error in my listening skills and called me out several times for just waiting for my turn to talk.  Secondly, God has put others like me in my life to see, firsthand, how lame this kind of behavior can be.  I dare say, if it bugs me so badly when others employ the technique, I am probably not pulling it off any better.

Thankfully as I apologized to my fellow Bible study members, most of them claim that they really didn't feel like I took it too far today.  Fact is, I am not a know-it-all.  I am far from it.  I am not sure if this natural inclination is somehow a reflection of insecurity or some kind of hard-wired subconscious desire to be the center of attention.  Suffice it to say, its something I am working through.  I have made strides over the years but I have lots more ground to cover.

Feel free to confess your ugly traits in the comment section!