Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Day Before

Good Friday is tomorrow.  It's hard to call it good since that is the anniversary of my Saviors torturous death.  But the end result produced the best news ever delivered to mankind.  Final reconciliation and eternal salvation is now available to anyone who accepts the gift and asks Jesus to be Lord of their life.  His suffering is not fun to think about.  That I played a part in causing His crucifixion isn't fun to think about.  But that he counted me worth it and that I can now have direct access to Him in the here and now as well as in eternity is amazing.

However, today I find myself focusing on what the day before the crucifixion must have been like.  He knew what was in store for Him.  He knew His disciples were pretty clueless.  He knew that one would betray Him, that another would deny Him, and the rest would scatter in cowardly fashion.  He knew that torture and brutality were awaiting Him in very extreme forms.  This knowledge was so heavy upon him that He began to sweat blood.  This is a medical condition brought on by enormous amounts of stress.

Yet He took the time to break bread with His disciples.  He took the time to wash their feet.  He took the time to give a new love one another as He has loved them.  He took the time to give them a way to always remember Him.  If I knew that a torturous death awaited me tomorrow, I wonder what I would be doing the day before?  Would self preservation rule the day?  Would indulgence and bucket lists be the focus?  Or would I just love on those around me, serving them until my arrest?

Time is precious.  Maybe we should already be living as's the day before.