Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Accuracy Of Prophesy

Two recent events have Youtube prophesy watchers excited.  The unexpected Papal shifting of power and the Obama visit to Israel.  I must admit that I also watched both of these events go down with interest.  Both had the potential to fulfill both Biblical and extra Biblical predictions.  As someone who is quite interested in this subject matter, I must conclude that neither of these have me convinced despite those that are making bold claims to the contrary.

One of the many reasons I came to Christ was due to the dead on accuracy of prophetic visions from generations prior to the events actually taking place.  There are over 300 prophesies in the Old Testament that Jesus fulfilled in His 33 years on earth.  The odds of any one person being able to match up to all three hundred plus is beyond chance and deserves the label, "astronomical".  So I feel very confident in my skepticism of events because I know God doesn't play this hocus pocus game with vague predictions that may or may not apply depending on the observer.

Instead He always delivers very specific language describing very specific places, events, and individuals.  But you be the judge.  Do you think these two situations deserve the rhetoric and airtime they are getting?


Mr. T said...

Because Christians are so hungry for 'signs' - and they rarely look within their own lives - there will always be claims that this or that prophecy has been fulfilled... sometimes I think there is fulfillment - but more often than not - its just wishful thinking... I'm glad you posted about it!