Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Age Appropriate Truths

It didn't take long before my wife and I were challenged with questions from our children that made us take pause.  And now that they are 7, it seems an acceleration of curiosity is occurring.  Perhaps because they are surrounded by older kids that introduce new ideas or perhaps just because its the natural progression of their development.

Pick a topic and we have at least broached the general themes involved holding back on the full story at least for now.  They ask about child birth and we tell them babies come out of the mommy's tummy.  That satisfies them and is technically true without having to delve into graphic details that may be more mature than they can currently handle.  Recently Michael got his mom to admit that the Easter basket full of goodies was actually from us.  Yet somehow he still hasn't put it together that Santa and the Tooth Fairy are suspect.  My kids know the story of David and Goliath but not the part about the giant having his head removed at the end.

Many of their cartoons and TV shows contain content that I understand and take issue with but it goes right over their heads and I have to remind myself of that.  But the most recent topic of struggle that I would love your advice about is regarding the Biblical narratives of Satan.  Michael found out long ago that his name has special meaning in Scripture when it refers to the arch angel that victoriously kicks Satan out of heaven.  That was enough information for him at the time.  But now he is quite interested in the full story.

I gave him more details yesterday, careful not to scare him, and strategically using the opportunity to talk more about Christ and His gift of salvation than anything else.  But he woke up this morning with more questions and seems to have an insatiable thirst for more knowledge on the topic.  Being very interested in good versus evil, his curiosity is stemming more from excited fascination than from any kind of fearful inquiry.  That helps me a bit but still doesn't give me clear direction regarding how much to tell him.

Has this come up in your home?  What are you telling your children about the fall, about Satan, and about sin?