Monday, April 22, 2013

Answered Prayers

Sometimes in my Christian walk I struggle to identify what God is doing and where He is present.  We must remember this is the same Heavenly Father that allowed His people to wander aimlessly in the desert for forty years because He wanted them to be taught a lesson.  These lessons are for our own good and one of many methods employed to help us grown but most of us will admit we don't necessarily like it.  My desert experience has been watching my company go from its best year in 2006 to some of its worst years every year after that until 2012.

Praying for guidance and clear answers has been my number one strategy and here we are in 2013 just now positioning ourselves, I believe, for success.  Part of the problem besides being in one of the worst economies of my lifetime has been continuing to do business as usual.  If one is not careful you can easily find yourself matching the definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result).  In my case I had good reason to think that would work.  Because at one time, those actions did produce results.  But business, technology, economies, politics, and even job descriptions DO change and so must our strategies for how to address them.

God started helping in very obvious ways about 17 months ago and in one more week, we will be implementing the final of over a dozen changes to the business.  It will still be a little while before all the dust settles and real numbers come in to reveal whether or not this was the right set of moves.  But for once in a very long desert-like time period for me....I see some light at the end of the tunnel.  I feel a sense of relief and burden lifted.  I am enjoying my work again and even find myself looking forward to it.  I guess time will tell if the promise land awaits.  Either way, I thank God for giving me these experiences and helping me learn from them!