Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Questions

Sadly, my wife and I found ourselves rather hardened to the news coming out of Boston.  Not because we fail to be sympathetic to the victims of this senseless tragedy.  My heart aches for those that lost their lives and especially for the eight year old.  My heart aches for those that were once vibrant athletes that now have missing limbs.  And I am truly disturbed that the area these bombs were planted was on the last mile set up to honor the lives lost at Sandy Hook.

What I mean by hardened is more along the lines of not shocked.  Since 9/11 its seems par for the course and in some ways much less catastrophic.  We've practically been conditioned to see explosions and not bat an eye between real life coverage during this last decade of wars and the constant barrage of fictional (but very realistic looking) violence in our entertainment media.  So I found myself pondering various questions.

Ones like:

I wonder who did this?

More importantly who will get the blame while the real culprits are never known?

Is this yet another false flag event?

Even if it's not a false flag, how will our government capitalize on it?  They say never let any tragedy be wasted, always use it as propaganda for your agenda.

Will large scale events or large gatherings of people now be outlawed?

Will our right to assemble be the next area of personal freedom that gets destroyed in the name of security?

Will it become the norm to have terrorist attacks in our own streets?

Will this all be forgotten in a week?

Can you tell that I am jaded?


Kanbei85 said...

It is as if God has removed his protection over our nation and we are living in fear and declining prosperity. I would encourage you to read/watch The Harbinger. - Paul

Mr. T said...

I fear its going to turn out to be a 'right-wing' extremist 'Christian' whom the gov will use to persecute us further.