Tuesday, April 23, 2013

David or Daniel

Lately as I ponder the times we are living in, I tend to think about the strategies of people that are bracing for everything between economic collapse to complete martial law and takeover of our country.  Most seem to have a David mentality and want to be warriors that fight the good fight.  Some go so far as to stockpile food, weapons, and build underground shelters and off grid structures with security systems in place with only approved of family and friends given access.  Their enemies (should the worst happen) will be anyone from a hungry wanderer that wants what they have to the government agents that are trying to eliminate any threats to the new infrastructure.

David was a great warrior and I do indeed see the inclination to prepare and protect.  But it was also a lonely and ultimately tragic experience.  David had moments of glory.  Defeating Goliath and just about every army that dared fight him.  Taking the office of King.  Marrying and having children.  Possessing great wealth and commanding the loyalty of his people.  Being called a man after God's own heart using his gifts as a Psalmist to worship and praise God constantly.  But he spent many, many years on the run.  Hiding in caves, eating off the land, hunted like a dog.  His many marriages caused feuds between the different kids of each wife.  Incest, rape, and even murder visited his home and his life toward the end reads more like a Shakespearean tragedy than anything else.

Then you have the Daniel or even Joseph stories.  Two equally important Biblical figures to David but very different situations when trouble came their way.  Both ended up being slaves to godless nations.  Daniel's situation was a result of his country being taken over by Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonian army.  Yet he found a way, within that pagan system to stay loyal to God (even taking stands when his life was on the line) all the while serving those that were in power.  He became a servant to the imposing government and ultimately was deemed by that system to be of utmost value and importance.  It tends to remind me of Christ's own words when He speaks of being last in order to be first.  Coming to serve, not to be served.

But both men were men of God and both men had trials beyond measure of imagination.  Neither of them avoided strife with their particular strategy.  So...what do you think?  Should the worst happen here...are you a David or a Daniel?  And even if you would never choose to serve any kind of New World Order, would you necessarily war against it?


archangel said...

Good stuff. I think everyone will have a different role. (different parts of the body of Christ, gifts, etc) Thats why I strongly disagree with the "be like me or you are deceived" mentality. Even in Hebrews 11 we see those praised as having strong faith, some were valiant in battle while others were ravished and led to the slaughter like sheep, both were praised and finished their race strong. Live righteously and be Holy Spirit led. I believe God is preparing us mentally and spiritually for your role by our dreams and visions ahead of time. I encourage people to pay attention, and write them down. blessings