Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Thank You, My Ga-Ga"

WARNING: This post will contain blatant bragging regarding my now two year old son.  I cannot be held responsible for any negative reaction this may cause and instead encourage you to say "Awww" instead.

Joshua just by birth order and being a singleton instead of a twin has always been unique.  He is our last child, he was and is easier to care for than the first two, and he came into this world a natural-born charmer. Whether he wins you over with his million dollar smile or runs into your arms for a big hug, your heart will melt.  There is a greeter at our church that CANNOT wait for Joshua to come through the doors.  He always offers Joshua to give him a five but instead my son gives him a huge bear hug.  One day we went to the early service and as we were leaving, this greeter saw us and said, "Oh no! Am I too late to get my hug?"

He wins over people at the grocery store, the doctors office, and just about every public setting we take him to.  I know that its partly due to his baby-like cuteness factor but there is something more to it.  Case in point is his natural inclination of expressing gratitude.  Since he first began talking one of his earliest expressions to us was "Thank You".  We never emphasized this phrase or drilled him with it, he just always says thank you when you do anything for him.  Most recently he wanted to get in my car and pretend to drive.  I opened the car door and he said, "Thank you my Ga-Ga!"  Heart melted, game over.  Not only did he thank me but he called me his.

Last but not least (and I hope and pray this character trait never goes away) is how quickly obedient he is when told no.  Folks he is two and we have been bracing for the word terrible to enter into the equation.  But save for some pretty rare times that he displays anger, no such thing has been the norm.  As he sat on the couch yesterday evening he grabbed the remote to the TV.  I said, "Please put that down." knowing he really wanted to play with it bracing for some kind of rebellion or whining.  But instead he said, "Oh-Kay" and put the remote down.

Perhaps the contrast of my twins exerting quite a bit of independence, arguing over every request we make of them just makes it seem that much more awesome to have such a tender-hearted obedience from Joshua.  But who knows?  I love ALL of my children and don't have favorites.  That is not the point of this post.  Instead it is to brag on the third member of the trio and show my appreciation to God for making his little persona part of our lives!