Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Propaganda Begins

Well false flag or not, the bombing of the Boston Marathon is already being used to perpetuate a message.  And while many are spouting this message it seems they have elected Tom Brokaw as poster boy for delivering the agenda plans.  I saw him on an evening news broadcast and then Googled this morning only to find him delivering the same basic speech on the Today Show.

His message?  Well in part that we should expect to see a ratcheting up of security everywhere we go.  Not just in airports but office buildings, sporting events, and any area where large numbers of people gather.  He makes sure to throw in a few touching points about how Americans take care of one another in times like these and how the lines of political difference disappear so that we all smile and nod while he throws in the almost subliminal idea that we should continue sacrificing our freedoms for added security.  That we should see the coming police state as a good thing, meant to protect us, not enslave us.

I don't know about you but this message sickens me and its been drilled into our psyche since September 11th.  TSA and body scanners don't make me feel any safer.  Not bringing liquids and toenail clippers on board don't make me feel any safer.  Having a three hundred pound "agent" pat me down doesn't give me confidence that she could chase down and man-handle a real threat to security.  As is always the case, the criminals never suffer from the end results of these events...the law abiding people do.  Criminals will just keep breaking the laws unless caught.  You cannot legislate psychopathic behavior.

Shame on Tom and shame on the mainstream media for continuing to tow this line.  I assure you that further restrictions to our freedoms will solve nothing and will only make us a more obvious a police state.