Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Trade Off

We tend to cultivate the grass is greener syndrome in our society.  We upgrade our phones, computers, cars., tv's, cable and internet providers, clothes, and sometimes even school systems.  Any realtor can tell you that being in a good school district is always a high selling point.  But is the grass always greener?  And even if it is, could it be due to the excess of "fertilizer" that is on that side of the fence?

I am in a transition phase that I've been waiting for close to a year.  My old landlord finally released us from our lease obligations and asked us to move out by Monday (yesterday) with only three days notice.  Not wishing to argue about short notice, I made it happen.  And I expected troubleshooting and kinks with moving all kinds of equipment but I am VERY tired at this point of playing the role of IT administrator.  Between supporting my clients from twenty miles away and the barrage of issues that I have had to figure out in the past two days, I am pretty worn out.

The greener grass is still nice.  My commute is very short, and the rent is unbeatable.  Let just hope I haven't fallen into the trap and just traded off one set of difficulties for another set.  I wasn't looking for a trade off.  I was looking for an upgrade.  Time will tell and I am still somehow optimistic.  A bit skeptical but ultimately optimistic.

Can you relate?