Thursday, May 16, 2013

Conspiracy Nut

I am an admitted conspiracy nut of sorts.  I don't subscribe to every theory out there mind you as I have discovered some of those rabbit holes lead beyond the land of Wacky.  But even the most extreme, odd, and preposterous theory normally has at least a fiber of evidence to make me take pause.  Take for instance the supposed False Flag events with Crisis Actors.  Take your pick...and go with the Boston Bombing or Sandy Hook, I really don't care.  Even if those theories are baseless (and I am not saying they are) you still have a very plausible method by which our government could push an agenda.  Call it reality propaganda if you will.

It wouldn't be the first time an event was staged in order to incite a certain reaction from a population in order to support war, or tougher laws, or bigger government.  Hitler staged an attack on the German Parliament by having the Reichstag Building torched.  They used a Communist patsy to point the blame and its widely considered that this event helped solidify Nazi Germany.  Do we really believe for a moment that our government is incapable of something similar?

Movies like Seven haunt me.  Not because the characters at some point in the film cease to be fictional or because the buildup has me clawing my seat rests.  Instead its because some writer conceived the plot.  Some guy had to be as diabolical in his mind to write the part of the killer and organize the serial way in which the killer dispatched his victims based on the seven deadly sins.  A mind exists out there that maybe won't ever act on such creative evil genius but who knows?  As the saying goes, what a man can conceive he can achieve and that brings me back to these conspiracies.

You don't have to call yourself a Truther and decide 911 was an inside job.  You don't have to be a Birther and decide Obama illegally gained the position and office of President.  But my hope is you are at least awake enough and skeptical enough to consider the possibilities rather than laugh everything off, naively hoping it could never happen here.  The Matrix we live in may not be computer generated.  But sometimes I wonder if its any less fake.