Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Judgmental Jerk

I have a confession to make.  I am a judgmental jerk. I am always drawing conclusions about how people act and holding them to unspoken standards that they don't even know exist. Most times I keep these thoughts to myself.  But other times I share them with my wife or a close confidant.  Recently two Christians let me down pretty badly.  One got on my Youtube channel, not knowing anything about me, having only watched the first couple minutes of a video where I "play the part" of an atheist as an exercise that then leads me to a rebuttal of that kind of thinking.  How do I know he only watched the first few seconds?  Because he used three full comment boxes to tell me that I was hell-bound and probably had a computer full or porn. And though he mistook me for an atheist and was wrong, I couldn't help but find the greater error in his approach to be his harshness.  Even if I was an atheist, does he honestly believe he will win anyone over with that kind of behavior? See below:

Then there is an assistant coach in the Christian soccer league that I'm involved with from another team.  His behavior at Saturday's game was not impressive.  He bowed up to one of our coaches like he was going to throw a punch and over what?  An unimportant soccer game between first graders that will hold no bearing over the rest of any of these kids lives or his even one month from now.  At this point you might be wondering why I consider myself a jerk over my judgement of these two.  After all they are giving me plenty to work with and they are clearly in the wrong.

The best way to answer you is to remind you of the parable in Scripture about taking out the plank in your own eye before removing the speck in your brothers eye.  Just when I feel high and mighty enough to declare judgement over someone, God reminds me of every sin, every disappointing action, every foul thought, word and deed that I have done and in some cases continue to do.  If my very own scale of judgement were turned back on me, I would stand just as guilty as either of these two men.  And if I cannot pass my own level of quality control, what are the odds of me ever having a chance to pass God's?

Thank you Lord for the humility lesson and for making a way that doesn't require my efforts!  They are like filthy rags even on my best day.  I rest in Jesus Christ and ask that you help me love others instead of handing down verdicts.