Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Prayer List

In part I want to share a victory and praise God for some good news that just occurred. Secondly, I want to recommend a new App that I downloaded a couple days ago that helps me track prayer requests.  And last but not least, I want to express a Christian reality that often has me with conflicted emotions.

I have been praying for a family that had two boys in critical condition, suffering from E-Coli infections.  The oldest boy was four, the youngest was 18 months, and to add extra drama to the situation, Mom is pregnant and due to give birth any day now.  These boys were really bad off, hooked up to IV's, ventilators  and constantly dealing with possible kidney failure.  Their blood was acidic and the infection seemed to be overtaking their little bodies.  The oldest just a few days ago, finally responded positively, to all the prayer and treatment and was released from the hospital.  Just moments ago, the seven month old got the same good news and bill of health.  And now, Mom can deliver a healthy baby with the peace that comes from knowing the rest of her clan is healthy and awaiting their newborn sibling.

It's called PrayerProLite.  In the iPhone App Store its free.  I have been entering requests now for a couple of days and am very impressed with all the features and organizational tools that allow you to remember all the folks in your life that you are praying for.  It allows you to update their status and of course, as is the case above, move them to the "Answered Prayer" folder when applicable.  I am not very organized by nature, so a tool like this is paramount and wonderful for me to be reminded and focused on those around me that have requested prayer.

The Rub
As I am jumping for joy and celebrating the victory above, I still have several more on the list (including the community of Moore, Oklahoma) that are still suffering and cannot yet celebrate.  Some, like a friend that just lost his brother, will not celebrate.  They will eventually move on and have a bit more closure but the hurt of losing his loved one will never completely vanish...at least not here on earth.  But this is nothing new.  I always have this flux of people that spend time on my prayer list for a while.  And as I celebrate or in some cases mourn with them as closure takes place, new people come to my attention and the cycle continues.  As such, I tend to struggle with just how to feel about one victory when another has yet to manifest.  Suffice it to say, I am so grateful to God for His healing of these two boys.  And now I pray that He shows up in very BIG ways for the rest of those on the list.