Thursday, May 30, 2013

"The Talk"

My strategy with informing the kids about birds and bees will be a bit different from traditional practice.  If you are like me, one of your parents sat you down, and had "the talk".  It was a singular event, it was awkward, and you just wanted it to be over.  In my case, being somewhere between fifth and sixth grade, I already knew much of what dad was telling me or had heard some perverted version of it.  My challenge was trying to act naive to the information and not turning ten shades of red out of embarrassment.

What I plan on doing and have already begun doing is a series of talks, or an open dialog of sorts.  One talk just doesn't seem to settle the issue.  There are many layers to romantic relationships and sex is just a physical act that tends to be the focus.  The other reason I want a dialog is so that they get comfortable now in telling me or asking me things.  Let's not wait for their bodies to be in preteen puberty transition (which adds to the awkward feelings) to even start talking about the topic.

So today the kids afforded me my first talk with them.  And it was anatomy and sex-free especially given the circumstances of theirs and little Joshua's conception.  We went through the invetro process which was very science lab themed and therefor of great interest to them.  What really blew their minds today was learning that Joshua's embryo was made at the same time they were.  That technically he is the same age as them but has been frozen for five years, waiting for his turn to be put into mommy's tummy.

They both took the information well and seem interested in learning more.  So we will continue to dialog and introduce age appropriate knowledge as time moves on.  It's amazing how early kids learn this stuff on their own!  If we don't put ourselves out there, it may be too late when finally deciding the time is right.

How do you handle this topic in your home?