Monday, May 20, 2013

Too Much!

I have this rule.  The rule has been violated a time or two but after last week I am going to enforce it all the more vigorously.  The rule is that each of our children only be involved in one extra curricular activity at a time.  I want each of them to try as many activities as they want, whether its sports, music, fine arts, martial arts, or boy/girl scouting.  But they MUST for my own sanity and theirs only be involved with one group at a time.  Why?  Well with three kids, each doing one thing per week which usually entails one night of practice and a Saturday game, that is 6 independent times that we are shuttling them around trying to meet just the bare minimum obligations and it does not account for anything me or Rachael might be involved with.

Last week went like this:

Monday Night - Mackenzie's Recital Practice
Tuesday Night - Michael & Mackenzie's Soccer Practice
Wednesday Night - Mackenzie's Extra Recital Practice
Thursday Night - Men's Group Bible Study Bar B Que
Friday Night - Mackenzie's Final Dress Rehearsal
Saturday - Two Soccer Games, One Birthday Party, Neighborhood Swim Party (that you have to attend if you want to have your pool key for the season), Mackenzie's Recital
Sunday - Deacon Meeting, Service, Counting, Sunday School, Another Birthday Party, Church-wide Picnic  and End of Soccer Season Award Show.

We ended up not being able to do the Birthday Parties or the Picnic but I listed them anyway just to show how crazy last week was had we even tried to do it ALL.  The worst part about it was how late we got home each night.  With school age kids, its not a good thing to be constantly putting them to bed at 10PM.  And selfishly I cherish the last two hours of each day as we normally have kids in bed by 8PM and get to relax as a married couple and wind down a bit.

I can only imagine how crazy it will get when little Joshua starts involving himself in these things!  Heaven help us!