Monday, June 03, 2013

A New Chapter

I am in one of those rare times when lots of things are coming to an end all at once.  The kids are just about done with school, the soccer season just ended, many of my work responsibilities have changed due to some major transitions that have occurred, and now my role in the church (as it currently stands) is coming to an end.  Like most ends, all of these things present new beginnings.

School being out just launches summer time activities, vacationing, and preparing for next year.  Soccer being over just launches opportunities for my daughter to take gymnastics and my son to start karate.  My job changes just free me up to focus on the pure recruitment of personnel for my clients which is what I love about this business anyway.  So that leaves my role in the church.  I can tell you without having taken the reigns of my new position, that it also is launching me into new opportunities.  Like a kid going into the next grade level, I am both excited and terrified.

New chapters in life hold so much promise with a healthy dose of the unknown.  We can in some ways hit the restart button and rewrite our part a bit.  We can reinvent ourselves and take full advantage of putting our old roles and chapters behind us.  I for one, gladly sail into uncharted waters with a bit of trepidation of the unknown for the promise of all the potential good things that come from a new experience.  I look forward to both how I will be impacted by the adventure as well as how I might impact those who are on the journey with me.

How do new chapters in life strike you?