Monday, June 24, 2013

Doing Nothing

There is a magical bliss in doing nothing.  One can certainly master it beyond a point of healthy balance and instead embrace an extreme laziness that borders on the absurd.  But more often than not, our society supports an over active lifestyle.  The whole reason people "need a vacation from their vacations" is because they jam pack these week-long excursions with activities.  A certain amount of touring the new locale is warranted.  It would be a shame to sit in your hotel room the entire time when there is exploration to be had and you could have sat in a hotel room much closer to home.

But over-activity is a problem.  Yesterday my wife and I took our three kids to the neighborhood pool with no other plans what-so-ever.  We lounged, we chatted, we swam, we took snack breaks but otherwise we did nothing.  We talked about how much fun it was going to be to go to Galveston this summer and do more of the same...nothing.  Just enjoying the scenery, the water, the good weather, and the company is all that is on our agenda.  We may find a restaurant, we may take just ONE day to venture out for a tour.  But ultimately this vacation will not be one that we need a break from when its over.

I am not sure if we fear boredom for ourselves or our children. I am not sure if adventure around every corner has been overly marketed to us.  But for some strange reason, doing nothing has earned a negative connotation and I believe undeservedly so.  What are your thoughts and feelings about doing nothing?  Are you good at it or is it a struggle?  How will you and your family take time this summer to do a whole-lotta-nada?