Wednesday, June 05, 2013

"God Doesn't Answer"

The title is in quotes for a reason.  This is a claim being made by a pretty popular Youtuber that goes by the handle TheeGameDude.  He is claiming this personally not as a declaration over everybody.  He even admits that others around him seem to have this supernatural connection to God and blessings that come from that. But as for him, he has knocked and no one has answered.

I might postulate that God has answered and that TheeGameDude is guilty of something most of us at times practice.  Putting God in a box or having a very specific expectation of how it is God should or would reveal Himself when we ask Him to.  For years I longed for a Saul to Paul, roadside experience.  That is the kind of visit you just cannot argue with.  Instead He spoke to me through my friends, family, billboards on the side of the road, pastors, and even in my own thoughts during prayer.  I wasn't fully giving Him credit for these instances because I was too busy looking for the experience I had made up in my head.

There's an old joke about a man that faithfully decides to wait out a flood, that boldly claims every time someone offers him rescue that he will not go with them, that God will save him.  In the course of several hours two boats offer help as does a helicopter near the end as the flood waters are at neck level.  Upon drowning and entering into heaven the man inquires, "God what gives?  I faithfully waited on you and boldly proclaimed to everyone that you would save me and you didn't."

God answered, "I sent you two boats and a helicopter, what more did you want?"


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm TheeGameDude. I haven't made a video on Youtube in about 2 years. I know along with my prank videos I had made some serious videos, but I don't remember specifically what video you mention. I probably did say that God doesn't answer my prayers. Usually "no". Either way, this is a well versed thought out point you make. I will ponder it. And pray for me, will ya? Maybe he is slower at answering my prayers, or, as you say, I'm not looking. But it couldn't hurt to have a third party person pray. Honestly, I'm in a bad place so your prayer would be much appreciated. Pray God reveals himself to me clearer, and makes me more aware when he does. And thanks.

Jim said...

Wow. Long time my friend. I too stopped making vids about two years ago when the whole Google + features mucked everything up. When I wrote this blog you had posted two or three vids about struggling in your belief. They were raw, honest, and hit me in the feels. Back then I PM'd you and we exchanged a message or two under my YT name TheEdge012. I agreed then and will do so again today to be praying for you. I know part of your struggle was a physcial one, your back, if memory serves. Be on the lookout for God to show up and as this blog post advises, be open to what or who He will use to guide you. I sincerely believe He originally urged me to reach out to you (just as one example). Interestingly too, just a week ago or so, I thought of you and wondered how things were going. Coincidence? Not in my book. I will be praying...feel free to keep in touch.