Monday, June 10, 2013

I Hate Unresolved Issues

Why is closure such a therapeutic result?  I understand when positive results occur that bring about closure but that isn't always the case.  Many times closure is just two parties putting an issue to bed and the way it occurs is quite negative and ugly.  But the same therapeutic sensation occurs because there is no longer this heaviness of an issue hanging in the balance.  Granted it would be most soothing if you can somehow achieve both but that isn't always how it happens.

I think I must have either learned this at a very early age or have perhaps been born with the innate discomfort of the unresolved and the extreme desire to get closure.  I would much rather have a heated argument than sit silently hoping it will all just go away.  Much to my wife's dismay at times, I tend to push conversations past the point in which she cares to take them all because I want everything to be solved so we can move on.  Even if my point of view isn't the one that we conclude is best, I push until something is determined.

I admit that isn't everyone style and my way isn't the best or only way.  I wish I knew why unresolved conflict stresses me out so much.  To me, it echo's the state of man and his fallen condition.  We are less than resolved and striving toward that end when Christ returns and set all things right, wipes away every tear, and restores the pre-fall perfection He intended.  In the meantime, I need to get a handle on how to best react when conditions are in flux.  I would love some advice from those of you that are similar as well as from those of you that take a different approach.