Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Most think of this word in association with alcohol.  Rightly so especially as Christians since we are to practice it and keep ourselves sober minded.  But in this culture of excess I believe the word can and should apply to just about every area of our lives.  We rarely, if ever, deny ourselves a particular pleasure if we can help it.

My family is in a cut-back mode right now.  I am trying to cut weight.  Rachael and I both are trying to cut expenses and frivolous spending.  When we make a list of our spending habits it becomes clear quickly what needs to go.  The areas of excess.  Not that we are overly wild but we certainly have our impulse purchases and the one too many times of eating out.  We also don't tend to deny ourselves every gadget or the service it brings us.  In some ways we are a reflection of the country at large.  Paying for things without much thought to whether its really needed or if we can afford it.

But that is about to change, at least for us.  We are going to pray, discuss, and plan how to best moderate the areas of our life that contain excess.  One might ask, why would God want us to deny ourselves in the first place? Doesn't He wants us to have abundance of blessing?  Well yes, to some degree.  But not at the expense of failing to depend on Him.  Not at the expense of making the excesses into idols.  Not at the expense of learning proper stewardship.

What excess is God calling you to deal with right now?