Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Twenty Years!

I'm a guy.  So I don't really let age or the process of aging freak me out too much.  I am happy to have hair at this point although its quickly turning grey.  I could do without the spare tire and the lack of energy but otherwise I have no complaints and technically I could do something about those problems.  But as I stare at 40 just a year and a half away and as I just purchased tickets to my 20th High School Reunion today, I cannot help but be a little baffled.

Perhaps the strangest realization is that we have now been out of school longer than it took for us to graduate in the first place.  The only comfort I take in that knowledge is that everyone else in attendance is just as old and just as baffled by the rapid passing of time as I am.  We can laugh at our age scars together and continue asking ourselves why we ever thought the mullet was cool?  I just posted some photos on my Facebook page with the senior yearbook pics.  Of all things the guys were in bow-ties and the girls were sporting feather boas.

If you ask me, the guys got the luckier end of that dated stick but both are pretty hilarious.  I know for some, High School was absolute torture and nothing about remembering the experience is pleasant...other than it's over.  For others it was the best part of their lives and it becomes a game of "remember when".  For me, it was somewhere in the middle.  I had friends.  People seemed to care about me.  I was involved in athletics and journalism.  I enjoyed the four years of getting to know MOST of the 600 or so classmates of 1993.  So while I am not ecstatic about commemorating twenty years of time passed, I do hope to see as many of them next month as possible.

How do you feel about reunions?