Monday, July 08, 2013


I know this is a buzz word these days, especially in churches.  We want a sense of community, we want to create community, and I think there is even a sitcom by the same name.  I tend to roll my eyes with buzz words but I've never thought the idea was necessarily a dumb one.  I just acknowledge that its nothing new.  It's just a modern way of describing groups, friends, and networks of people that are hopefully supporting each other in some valuable way.

My July 4th experience from its rather horrific beginning to its amazing end is best described as a lesson in community.  It all started at the breakfast table.  We were trying to get the family fed so that we could load up and go to the small town parade in Double Oak, where our parents live.  Instead my seven year old son turned pale, became unresponsive, almost passed out, and began convulsing like he needed to vomit.  This all happened without warning and it scared us silly.  His grandma is a type one diabetic and we feared that he may be having an insulin reaction of some kind.

We rushed him to the ER where they began hooking him up to IV's, EKG's, Pulse Ox monitors, as well as taking samples of blood and urine.  Having been able to get him to sip some juice he returned ever so slightly to the land of the living while the medical staff was attempting to diagnose the problem.  Relieved that we were now in capable hands and seeing him responsive again I took a picture of him in the hospital bed, posted it to Facebook, and commented that this was not how we expected to spend the holiday.  Almost immediately, the loving responses began to flood in.  Granted it was an online community but of those that replied were neighbors of mine across the street and some friends of ours that live a very short distance away.

Thankfully the diagnosis was dehydration and low blood sugar combined with a vagal nerve sensitivity which is what caused him to go pale and almost faint.  We were released and did what we could to reclaim our holiday, keeping him relatively inactive and hydrated.  By the days end we were on a grassy hill just outside of the college football stadium in our "community" waiting for the fireworks.  We met one of those two aforementioned couples intentionally and just happened to run into the other couple while carving out a spot.  Both families asked about our son and our day and how scary that must have been to go through.  In the meantime, kids from the elementary school that my children attend walked up and began playing with each other.  I was overwhelmed.  In a crowed that numbered in the thousands we proved how small the world was and how great it feels to be part of each others lives.  Community was exemplified.  Buzz word or not, I highly recommend surrounding yourself and your family with people like these!