Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Liberal Madness

Let's pretend for a moment that I have no opinion about the issue of Abortion.  That I am sincerely looking at both sides of the debate and trying to figure out where I land.  One side is claiming to preserve life and the other is claiming to preserve women's rights.  Both sound like worthy causes.  Life and women are two of my favorites!  I wonder though how antics like what I've witnessed in just my news-feed on Facebook might sway me if I were actually neutral on this subject?

First of all, the majority of the posts I am witnessing are from Liberals who are quite passionately posting things like this:

Now I am not a big fan of slick Rick.  Don't trust him, don't like him, and believe he is just another puppet in the game of politics.  So this is not a defense of Mr. Perry or his foot-in-mouth syndrome.  He is George W. repackaged and just as dim-witted if you ask me.  But this kind of marketing is disgusting and insane.  Really??  Rapists is where we are taking this?  And not only are we saying rapists like it when their victims scream (which I'm quite certain is the opposite of what they want) but we are intentionally making the pro-life stance equivalent to rape?

But let's say I just chalk that one up to ignorant conflation and move on.  How in the world does one get by this?:

Texas Capital Abortion Supporter chant "Hail Satan" - Article link

It's a bit difficult to hear until the girl at the end of the video appears.  She clearly chants "Hail Satan" with her friends and then (as if to emphasize the point) engages in a demonic gesture.  Twitter was quite a frenzy with tweets like these shortly thereafter:

I really wish he was lying too.  And I realize that this reaction was directly aimed at the Christian's singing Amazing Grace rather than some overt and intentional worship of Satan.  Chanting for God's enemy will surely get under the skin of those that are singing to Him, right?  But naively embracing evil does not excuse it.  At best, even if none of these people believe in God and even if none of them think it might be dangerous to side with Satan, it is VERY disrespectful and offensive.  It's madness at its finest.

I cannot even begin to imagine the justification one might attempt in order to explain this to me!


Hannah Farmer said...

Great post. I usually stay away from posting about abortion, but I just have to say that as a political progressive, I'm pretty embarrassed by other liberals' behavior like this. The irreverence that some members of my generation mistake for humour (rape jokes, dead baby jokes, Satan worshipping jokes) is a strange cultural phenomenon, and it's sad that some people think those things don't matter. Also abortion is a hot button issue and it certainly brings out the strongest opinions on either side, which makes me think the rape comment is probably taken seriously by some on the pro-choice side.

I have a conservative friend who has always said that complacency is a horrible sin. She often (along with others I suspect) tied that to political and legal issues as well (i.e., it's worse not to take a stand on one side or the other than to be a fence-sitter). But with an issue like this, I have never been able to come firmly down on one side or the other. I don't WANT to be affiliated with the vitriol on either side of this one. But it isn't complacency or apathy. I feel strongly that SB5 is a mistake, not for limiting abortion, but for knowingly forcing clinics to close without providing alternatives. And I'm talking about alternatives to the common procedures these clinics provide, such as free breast cancer screenings. And it doesn't affect me, because I'm in a big city and can afford to go to a fancy doctor's office, but I really wonder what kind of consequences rural women may face. Because I am pro-life: I do believe that abortion is morally and spiritually wrong, just like I believe that knowingly taking away cancer screenings from women that cannot afford them is wrong. This bill will likely result in unsafe, illegal abortions and the loss of cancer screenings for many. All because we're trying to legislate morality? If we really want to change the culture of abortion, SB5 isn't the way.

I guess my point is that it's easy (in a lot of ways, not all) to be staunchly pro-life or pro-choice. You just decide what fits with your values, pick up the right color picket sign, identify your enemies and push their buttons. It's much harder to consider the implications of individual bills, clinics, and situations. It's also pretty difficult to be good friends with people on both sides and get into twice the number of arguments about it. I guess that's why I'm glad not to call myself either one, but to prayerfully consider each issue.

Jim said...

All great points Hannah. And though I too fall on the pro-life side of things, I know this issue has layers of complication that make clear cut solutions a difficult goal to achieve. For instance I don't know of any pro-lifer that will not make the rape and incest exception. Most just want to eliminate it as a birth control option which I whole-heartedly agree with. As for the breast exams and other services that may be eliminated, I certainly think some kind of measure needs to be taken to keep such options available.

Jim said...

Oh...and BTW...I normally stay away from posting about abortion too. This was just too crazy to avoid at least some commentary on. And you will notice the main thrust of my blog post was about this behavior, not the issue itself.