Thursday, July 11, 2013

That One Thing...

Recently I watched a Youtube video of Magnus Carlsen.  By age 13 he had forced a draw in a game of chess against the number one player in the world.  Now in his twenties, he is number one...big surprise.  Chess is a game that I respect highly but do not play.  I can play, being that I know the rules and how each piece is able to move.  But there are way too many factors involved for me to even become what I would describe as "a decent player".  On easy-mode on my PC, the computer stomps me.

The game requires that you not only focus on the particular piece that you are moving but on all of the pieces your opponent has in place that could attack you and all of the other pieces you have that might be in better or worse shape based on the move you are now making.  Furthermore, good players are able to see several moves ahead, knowing all of their options and all of their opponents options.  My head spins just trying to describe it.  So again, much respect, but clearly not a game that I will ever master.  But as I watched this biography on Magnus a certain question plagued my mind.

What is the ONE thing I have an equally AMAZING talent for?  Do I even have an equivalent?  Am I asking myself this question because I am jealous and only wish I was that good at something?  Or do I have a God-led desire to be so talented but just in a different field of industry?  I cannot say that I have figured any of this out completely yet.  I think I've concluded that I am not at his level with any particular talent.  You will always be able to find a person or groups of people that are better than me at any one task, game, skill, or talent.

But I don't think that negates the challenge for me to actively seek the one thing that God might want me to hone and craft.  Perhaps that one thing turns into a ministry or helps encourage others.  Perhaps I am already doing it with this blog or in another area of life.  But I think the question is worth asking. And I think the answer is worth pursuing.