Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Escaping the Slump

I have been in a slump for a while now.  I've barely managed to make any Youtube videos and even this blog has suffered from less frequent posting.  I've been going about my day in an almost depressing manner waiting for something or someone to inspire me.  Its not a constant state of sadness or anything...its just a gnawing ache in the soul that things are not completely good, or as they should be.  And I am not talking about the knowledge or understanding that this world is fallen.  I am talking about what is for me, these occasional time periods where I feel sidelined by God.

This morning, after what seems like months of this, I had clarity on what was wrong and how to fix it.  God very clearly communicated with me that I had my priorities out of whack a bit and how I have made something in my life into an idol.  That sounds very pagan and evil of me, doesn't it?  Perhaps those labels do fit in some fashion but all one has to do in order to have an idol is to elevate said item beyond its proper importance.  You can make an idol out of your family, out of your job, out of success, and out of your wife.  All of those things are wonderful but if you value your job over your family you've made the job an idol.

Perhaps the strangest thing about these times for me is that I recognize when I am in them but have almost zero motivation to do anything about it.  I am sure I could have reached this point of clarity weeks ago if I had done some soul searching and actively pursued resolution.  But like a pig wallowing in his mud, I made excuses about why I needed to lay there a little longer. "Oink. Oink."

Thanks be to God for helping me turn the corner this morning.  I challenge you to get out of your slump if you're in one and STAY out of them if you're not!