Thursday, August 15, 2013

Heroes & Hope 11

We live in trifling and uncertain times. I tend to highlight the more concerning topics fairly often. So in effort to be fair and balanced, it seems appropriate for me to present another series that highlights people, events, accomplishments, and the rays of light God gives us for encouragement sake.

This week I have fifty-five year old, homeless man Billy Ray Harris who mistakenly became the recipient of a woman's very expensive engagement ring.  She had put the ring in her coin purse but forgot about it when dumping it's contents into Billy's cup.  He had no idea it was there until he counted his contributions at the end of the day. Figuring it was a fake, he took it to a jeweler to have it appraised.  That's when he realized someone must have made a mistake.  The jeweler offered him $4000 on the spot for it and he refused.

Billy admits to considering the temptation especially in his circumstances of poverty but instead he held onto it hoping to run back into the owner.  Sure enough, realizing the mistake she'd made Sarah Darling did indeed return to him in hopes that she would be able to reclaim her sentimental prize.  He handed her the ring, much to her delight and felt so compelled to express thanks that she gave him every dollar she had.  But it didn't stop there.  Her soon to be husband, Bill Krejci set up a donation page and set a goal to raise $1000 dollars for their good Samaritan.  As you will see by following THIS LINK, he reached that goal and then some.

I submit that we actually have three heroes in this story.  Billy Harris may be the focal point but I think the grateful couple really came through as well.