Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hunger Games - Analysis Part 3 (The Matrix)

This movie is not the first to inject the idea of a world based in illusion.  The Games take place in a dome with holographic scenery, terrain, and scary beasts (as if having all the other contestants trying to kill you isn't stressful enough).  But I digress.  In Hunger Games - Catching Fire, Katniss does some scouting atop a very tall tree.  She stares up, knowing she is in this dome and shoots an arrow as high as possible just to see what will happen.  The arrow makes contact with the dome and causes a ripple in the fake sky.  This is seemingly insignificant at the time other than to acknowledge what she already knows.  She's locked in for the duration of the game.

SPOILER ALERT: Considering two other movies have been released since the one I am referencing the odds are you have aleady seen Catching Fire.  But in case you have not, I am about to reveal a key part of this movie. Read at your own risk.

Later in the story, a plan is developed to eliminate some of the other players using copper wire to harness lightning and electrocute the water they are standing in.  In the dome, they have noticed a repeating patttern of lightning hitting a certain tree, each day, at a specific time.  The plan backfires and everyone scrambles.  Allegiances are questioned and the other players seem to have been tipped off.  Katniss runs back to the tree that's rigged up with the copper wire and sees a lead laying on  the ground.  She wraps the wire around one of her arrows and shoots it at the forcefield's ceiling right as the lightning bolt surges. In an explosion of electrical majesty the dome's integrity is broken and begins to collapse exposing the real world and the means for escape.

Why does this concept work so well on us?  I believe its because we relate to it.  Inwardly, we know this is not the world we should be living in.  On some level, its a training ground or some kind of temporary illusion.  The real thing awaits us.  Scripture talks about God writting certain knowlege into us.  Romans 1:19-20 for instance, tells us none should have an excuse for not acknowleging Him because its clearly installed in us and all creation.  Another passage in Romans 2:14-15 speaks about how God has written his law on our hearts, giving us a conscious to know that we have sinned and fallen short.  In computer terminology, you might say He has installed a certain intuative knowlege in our Operating System.  I believe this is part of being created "in His image."  We are ALL looking for a way to get out of this illusion and step into the REAL world God intended.

We have an arrow in our quiver and every bit the same chance to harness a lightning type explosion to help us escape this dome in Jesus Christ.  In fact the lightning is an appropriate symbol considering Matthew 24:27 which states: For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.

Will you escape the dome?


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Great stuff Jim. Thanks.

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