Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hunger Games Analysis - Part 4 (The Police State)

"Peacekeepers" keeping the citizens contained.
I am the conspiracy theorist in my house.  It's a label I embrace. Give me my tin-foil hat and let me be.  So when Hunger Games presents a society that is living in a Police State, my mind immediately thinks about how possible this actually is in America. Who knows what catalyst might be used to round us up? It could be anything from "an outside attack" to a "natural disaster" or a combination of the two...a cyber attack that takes our grid down, creating disaster.  Whatever the method, the possibility seems ripe and real and not without cause.  There are no shortage of articles citing reasons for concern including one called "14 Signs America Is Turning Into A Police State"  over on Distractify.

The article's list is as follows:

1. Police are killing more people every year.
2. Unlawful harassment is becoming the norm.
3. Even children are seen as criminals.
4. Stop and searches are more common and invasive.
5. Stop & Frisk programs encourage racial profiling.
6. Non-criminals are being arrested for ridiculous things.
7. You can face jail time for not paying rent.
8. NSA is recording and capturing phone and internet data on its citizens
9. More are being sentence to life in prison without parole for non-violent crimes.
10. Police don't face the same punishment as civilians.
11. America's incarceration rate is the highest in the world
12. Peaceful protests are being met with violence.
13. Government is hunting down whistle-blowers.
14. FBI can watch you whenever, for no reason at all.

And this doesn't include at least four more that I can add without much thought:

1. Freedom of Speech being challenged more and more everyday.
2. Right to Bear Arms being challenged more and more everyday.
3. Arming Police as though they are Military installations.
4. An inordinate amount of FEMA camps, ammunition purchases, and even plastic coffins being stock-piled.

(If you want links supporting ANY of the above, let me know or just Google for yourself)

It may not ever happen but its plausible more-so now than ever before in my lifetime.  And as a Christian, I believe we will be considered Enemies of the State during the End Times season.  So as I stare at the vivid images of people in this movie who are living under such tyranny, it strikes a chord.  There has always been a ruling class and a people to rule.  Some rulers have been better and more just than others.  But often those are the exceptions, not the norm and Scripture clearly warns of persecution and trials.  This could easily come in the form of more minor, personal issues like financial struggles, addiction, and even health problems.  But its historically accurate that it can also come as a National tribulation and challenge.  In Revelation it's even prophesied to be a global issue.

The following clip was perhaps the most chilling portion of dialog in the whole movie.  President Snow explains why he is hosting another Hunger Games so soon but listen to his reasoning for the games to begin with:

"As a reminder, that even the strongest CANNOT overcome the POWER of the Capital (the Government)," Snow says!

Thank God, I serve a Kingdom that is not of this World and a King that is just and righteous! If all I had to look forward to was this world and this system, I would be pretty discouraged.