Monday, June 01, 2015

Losing 35 Pounds - What I've Learned (Part 3)

Diet AND Exercise
For years I tried to get away with one or the other but never both.  That word “and” between the two words “diet” and “exercise” was just a suggestion, right?  Or perhaps meant for overachievers?  I grew up eating whatever I wanted and in the volumes I desired without any weight gain issues.  Then I got old and my metabolism ceased to be as amazing, so the gut games began.  I still like eating whatever I desire, so most times when trying to cut weight I would ONLY exercise.  I would occasionally show small losses but they always came right back after a week or two of buffet style calorie intake.

I think I can only remember once, trying dieting without exercise.  It was back when the no carbs fad was all the rage.  This too worked a little bit for a little while but my sedentary lifestyle makes the amount of food I can consume in one day pretty miniscule and unreasonable.  So…the only real solution that has any chance of getting all the weight off and keeping it off is to combine diet with exercise and quit trying to do things halfway. 
My problem in getting both going was in motivation.  That is where my next segment will come in because for me, the solution was in tracking the intake and the burn so I knew where I stood. Suddenly a three mile run was worth it because I could see the impact on my Fitbit App and how many extra calories I could still eat for the day without going over budget.  Suddenly it was about earning that brownie without guilt or worry, rather than punishing my body for no immediate, tangible reason.  The good news is that it doesn’t take tons of activity to become more active.  And it doesn’t mean starving or eating 100% vegetarian to have a better diet.  A little bit of effort in both categories goes a LONG way.