Thursday, September 03, 2015

A Rant About New Gadgets

Boosted Board
Sure boys grow up to be men but we never stop loving our toys. They just get more expensive and sometimes more elaborate. My generation grew up playing video games and skateboarding.  I assure you that I am not the only 40 year old that still does both. So with that setup in mind, take a good look at the photo to the left of this post.  That is called a boosted board.  Its an electric skateboard that can travel up to 20 MPH and they are very popular right now. I. want. one!

Problem is now and has always been in the past, for me...price.  I learned way back in the day that for a product to finally reach a level of affordability that I could finally take part or stomach, it probably needed to have saturated the market for a while or have newer generation being released so that the beta version prices drastically drop.  This is true of gaming systems, cell phones, and just about any "toy" that I have interest in.  There are currently about 7 companies making skate boards like this but they must have all gotten together and decided to price these things relatively the same, so that they have an oligarchy and no, one company, rose to the top for being "most affordable".

The average price is $1200. Folks this its core...just a skateboard. I don't know the true cost to manufacture one of these bad boys but the mark-up and subsequent profit must be spectacular at this price point.  Let me show you something that is quite a bit faster, endlessly more complex from an engineering and cost standpoint to make, yet LOTS cheaper.

So while these boards are competitively priced compared to other boards like it, they are about double what I could pay for a Moped.  And honestly I am so cheap that I probably won't buy one when that is the going rate.  These companies are marketing these boards as vehicles to help the big city commuter get around faster, so it really is an apples to apples comparison to show you a cheaper vehicle that will accomplish the same thing.  The only distinct advantage to the boards is they are more compact, can be carried, and stored without finding a parking space. Great point, then get one of these instead...

These even come with nifty handles for your riding pleasure and comfort! Those are prices I can handle.  At that level, I would gladly tell Boosted Boards retailers to "take MY money!"

Perhaps in effort to change my mind and help me come around, one of these savvy companies will send me one to take for a test drive? While that would solve my monetary woes and while I would not refuse such an opportunity, it still wouldn't negate my point or make it any more affordable to everyone else. normal...I will wait for these boards to be overshadowed by versions 2.0 or even 3.0 so that I can finally enjoy 1.0.